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Grid-Tie Solar Electric (PV)

Ever imagine having your own power plant? With Grid-Tie solar, you can be your own power plant.

Any excess power  will make your meter spin backwards, generating  clean, renewable energy AND credits on your power bill.

· No Storage Batteries Required

· Spin Power Meter BACKWARDS

· Partial-to-Full Offset of Power Bill

· Lower System Cost than Off-Grid

· Renewable Energy Credits Available


Integrates Solar Electric with your utility to provide electricity to your home or business. Set  up a power plant on your own premises (roof, ground, or pole mount available) that requires little or no maintenance, works silently, and will last for 30 years or more…

Grid-Tie Summary

A pv system can reduce your electricity bill

4.8 KW Grid-Tied Solar PV System installed on Spring Creek Road, in Montrose, CO (Click picture above to see real-time power output)