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Off-Grid Solar PV

Build where the views are best, regardless of power line availability.

Cost effective alternative to grid-tie systems where customer must pay for installation of transmission lines to service site.

· Zero Monthly Power Bills

· Complete Energy Independence

· No Cost to Run Utility Lines

· Not limited to building sites w/ utility lines

· Scalable to fit your unique building needs


Off-Grid systems store energy collected from the sun in batteries for night-time use. Clean, quiet, dependable.

In cases where you might be throwing a party, or have multiple overnight guests, and  have depleted your battery bank, we offer automatic generator starters to top off your battery bank.


Most off-grid customers will have a backup generator . This can help decrease the size of the solar system needed in cases of infrequent high-demand loads.

Off-Grid Summary

Complete energy independence

4.3 KW Off-Grid residential PV system installed on Government Springs Road south of Montrose

760W Off-Grid Installation at Cabin in Horsefly Subdivision near Columbine Pass