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Going Solar

· Clean, renewable energy

· Environmentally friendly

· Reduces Carbon Footprint

· Energy independence

· Meter spins backwards

· Improves property value

· Very low maintenance

· Cutting edge technology

· Long lifetime

· PV Modules offer up to 25 year mfr’s warranty

· Fixed cost

· Federal Tax Credits (Up to 30% of system value)

· Solar PV Equipment exempt from CO Sales Tax

· CO receives over 300 days of sunshine annually

Whether you are connected to the power company’s electrical distribution system (“grid-tie”), or you are interested in a standalone system (“off-grid”), we can help.

It’s a good idea to audit your electricity usage (needs vs. wants). For every $1.00 of energy “savings” you can achieve by conserving, you will save yourself at least $5.00 worth of solar electrical system.

The federal government currently offers tax credits of up to 30% of the value of a system. Ask us about various incentives and financing options. We can help with the paperwork.

The Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITC’s) have been extended. Starting in 2009, a system costing $30,000.00 would be eligible for $10,000.00 in tax credits.

Why Go Solar?

Solar Benefits

Grid-Tie Solar Electric (PV) installation on Spring Creek Road in Montrose, COOff-Grid Solar Electric (PV) Installation on Government Springs Road in Ouray County, Colorado.Solar Thermal (Hot Water) installation in Blue Mesa, CO