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Solar Hot Water (Thermal)

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors heat a mixture of water and non-toxic glycol. Heat is transferred through a heat exchanger for heating domestic hot water or space heating, such as “in-floor”, baseboards, or through liquid-to-air based heat exchangers installed into existing duct work for forced-air furnaces.

· Collects sunlight from all sides of tube

· No tracking required

· Captures over 92% of sunlight hitting the tube

· Evacuated tubes stay cool to the touch

· Pays for itself quickly

· Can be used to heat hot tubs or pools in summer

· 30-Tube Collectors


Solar Thermal provides an easy way to supplement your existing heating system. We use non toxic glycol, in either closed-loop or drainback configurations, so you never have to worry about your system freezing. Plus, it is completely isolated from your existing system by heat exchangers, so you don’t have to worry about glycol getting were it shouldn’t be.


Solar thermal is ideal for homes that use hydronic (hot water) heating, in floor heating,. If you have a forced air furnace, there are heat exchangers available to be installed in your existing ductwork.

Solar Thermal Summary

Domestic hot water / space heating

168,000 BTU/Day Solar Thermal System in Blue Mesa, CO

Heats domestic hot water as well as In-Floor Heat.

60,000 BTU/Day Solar Thermal System in Montrose, CO. Heats domestic hot water as well as supplementing  forced air furnaces using heat exchanger installed in duct work.